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​“KPMG allows me to fit in work, study and time with my kids.”

Meet Charlotte

“Working here will redefine how you approach challenges.”

Meet Fangfang

“You can change department, office, even country. Where you go in KPMG is up to you.”

Meet Joanne

“You get a unique view into organisations, their people and their culture.”

Meet Matthew

“If you want a career that aspires to more than simply executing a series of tasks, KPMG is for you.”

Meet Salim

Tax, Pensions & Legal

​“At KPMG, we’re defined by our working culture – our collaborative approach.”

Meet Kelly

​“We all bring our own, unique experience to the mix.”

Meet Hanna

“People are encouraged to be creative and express their ideas – no matter what their level.”

Meet Laudina

​“I love working here, not just because of the people but also because of the projects.”

Meet Ryan

​“You don’t have to be a home-grown talent to enjoy the opportunities KPMG has to offer”

Meet Patricia

“Junior colleagues share ideas that can reshape the way we think.”

Meet Ayo

“People here take responsibility for doing the right thing for their clients.”

Meet Ewan

“Flourishing at KPMG requires drive and a willingness to challenge conventional thinking.”

Meet James

“You’re collaborating with very smart people who value your work.”

Meet Latasri

“It’s a constant learning stream because Pensions is so dynamic.”

Meet Michael

“There’s a huge range of opportunities at whichever level you’re at.”

Meet Peter

“I’ve been able to develop my career alongside my family life.”

Meet Sarah

“We’re all encouraged to be pro-active and to deliver innovative approaches for clients.”

Meet Shiventa

Deal Advisory

“I’ve been amazed by the variety of different backgrounds people have here.”

Meet Alan

“KPMG seize business opportunities and strive for continual improvement.”

Meet Emily

Management Consulting

​“Everyone I met was really passionate about delivering fantastic results.”

Meet Emily

​“KPMG encourages people to plan their career path and take their own development in hand.”

Meet Penelope

KPMG Business Services

“This is somewhere people can bring their whole selves to work.”

Meet Mark

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